This project is now inactive. There will be no more updates.

At the time this software was written, data processing on GPUs was only possible using OpenGL. Today, there are far better alternatives.

Requirements: Hardware

Minimum requirements are a graphics card with support for Shader Model 3 and a graphics driver with decent support for OpenGL 2.1 and GLSL 1.2.
Currently (June 2008), this means that the software from this site will only work with NVIDIA graphics cards GeForce 6xxx and later. The GLSL support in ATI's drivers is still missing a few features, but future versions will probably work.
The graphics card should have at least 256 MB of memory if you want to do anything useful with this software. The real fun begins with a Shader Model 4 card (e.g. GeForce 8xxx or 9xxx) with 512 MB of memory.

Requirements: Software

So far, the software from this site was tested on GNU/Linux and Windows systems. It requires the GLEW library and, in case of the GUI programs, the Qt toolkit.